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This episode nearly killed me. Just such beautiful and beautifully worded truth about life and relationships and the awkward anxiety of it all?! Ugh! Science.

Cecil and Carlos. Seriously what the hell are they. Those damnable Nightvale writers make it sound so easy to write LGBT representation into genre stories and, oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s easier in radio! But for someone working in animation, their relationship is just this far off beacon of light (above the Arby’s) of what could be (if only those darn StrexCorp execs would stop trying to kill us).

What Is Up Dog?

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probably one of the funniest moments in Game Grumps history

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Trying to get more dynamic with my use of color. :x I feel like color is an area where I’ve really stagnated for a while. I don’t actively think about it unless I am forced to use a limited palate (basically, when I have to make a film and have to do a ton of backgrounds really quickly) but those always end up being the things I like most.

Sooooo here’s a sketch of Mr. Edward Hyde. One day I’ll figure out how to color his hair!


Everything happens so much. 


(Click for full view). “Things in the dark,” of course, meaning little bits of Victorian naughtiness whispered under a blanket at some sort of Erik/Christine slumber party. 

I’ve made it fairly clear that I think Love Never Dies is, on the whole, completely ridiculous. The music for “Beneath a Moonless Sky” is absolutely gorgeous, but the plot and the lyrics…

I mean really, what in the world? Am I supposed to infer that, because the title refers to a “moonless sky,” Erik and Christine just…ahem… did it out in the middle of the Parisian streets? And no one noticed? There wasn’t some sort of costermonger strolling by at the end of the day who saw the whole thing and alerted one of the gendarmes? Or did Erik just wave him away? “No, no, carry on, my good man, carry on, nothing to see here—woo wee, mama, that’s a spicy meat-a-ball-a!”


Just the phrase “things in the dark…” Who wrote this? Honestly. “Things” could mean anything, really, which is where this comic came from. I like to think that Erik and Christine get a kick out of potty humor. Heck, they could have been exchanging the names of exotic fruits for all I know, because “things” isn’t exactly descriptive. 

So, Andrew Lloyd Webber, as much as I absolutely adore your work on the original Phantom and admire your work as a composer, I have to give Love Never Dies a big fat PFFFFT. 

Although you have to admit, it’s great material for spoofing! When I watched it with my friends, we were laughing so hard that I think we may have dislocated something…

Phantom of the Opera belongs to Gaston Leroux.

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Analyzing Literature by Words and Numbers | The New York Times

This one’s a classic article I recently revisited about using the unprecedented textual database of Project Gutenberg and the like to statistically analyze word use in Victorian texts. I love Prof. Bevis’ “Handle with Care” line about using the analysis to generalize too broadly; come to think of it, I could use a “Handle with Care” stamp for use on all second-rate news blog poorly-researched Victorian-grotesquerie-titillation pieces.

Wonderful research! I can’t wait to delve more deeply into it.

is it weird to ship jekyll and hyde? Asking for a friend
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I enjoyed the new Captain America movie quite a bit. But I knew its soundtrack was missing something.


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