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Opera Ghosts

Note: RJDaae does not endorse *actually* dating opera ghosts. :P

sherbetfox said:

Your icon is awesome! :D

Aw thank you!!

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is Hyde like asexual ? or something

NOPE. He’s pretty pansexual (a fact of which Jekyll is in profound denial). Hyde does lots of sex. All the time. It’s not something I focus on much in the story because:

a) it’s not particularly plot-related. Hyde just happens to like sex.

b) I’m pretty terrible at writing sex scenes. Or any of the scenes that occur directly before or after sex!

c) I kind of like leaving sex out of the good/evil dichotomy here. This was actually a choice made in the original Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- any mention of Jekyll/Hyde’s sexuality is conspicuously absent.

A lot of people interpret this decision as mere Victorian prudery, but I’ve heard a theory that it was very much deliberate- Stevenson really did not think that sex was evil, and he didn’t want to make a judgment call on it whatsoever in his good-and-evil allegory story.

Of course, almost all interpretations have brought (mostly straight) sex into the Jekyll and Hyde story, but I have yet to see any story do anything interesting with the subject. Sex + Hyde situations tend to become, at best, a standard-issue love triangle, or at worst … an excuse to include a lot of rape and violence against anonymous women. That’s sexism at work, of course, but it’s also bad, boring storytelling, usually justified with some offhand “well, that’s how the world really IS! It’s gritty and REAL!” explanation.

So I’ve actually made a weird story decision that Hyde has a pretty healthy, positive sex life. He’s probably into some pretty weird shit, but nothing harmful. I swear this actually makes sense for his character, given the weird musing on good and evil that go on in The Glass Scientists. I swear!

d) in conclusion Hyde’s got 99 problems but sexism isn’t one

Haruki from my Gloomlord story is probably asexual, though!

“ oh myg od imagine Erik dealing with one of those stereotypical rebellious teenagers of 2000s and theyre like ew opera and hes like ew 21st century im going back in the coffin ”

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Ubisoft is having a fanart contest and this is my submission!!

Michel Ancel, Christophe Villez, and Jean-Christophe will be the judges!! So exciting! >v<

I had so much fun with this picture!!!


@sierraboggess: In honor of this wk episode of #DaaeDays here is 1/2 of Club Christine! Teaser alert: There may be another meeting ;)

erik would probably faint…

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i literally procrastinate talking to my friends like it hits me “oh shit i havent talked to that friend in a while” and im like “yeah ill have to do that later” and then i dont

then i feel really guilty about it and [AVOIDANCE INTENSIFIES]

This is how i loose touch with so many people

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This was a crazy pigeon that was pestering a cat, but I want to believe there are flying cats in Russia.

(via Barselonna) On a side note, you suck at cat, cat.

The cool thing is that in the first photo, the wings not only match in colour, but look as if they’re be the perfect size for a winged cat.

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my lovelies.