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okay so everyone’s making “steve rogers freaks out the media with his rampant progressivism” posts but

imagine bruce banner

bruce banner, who has lived in poverty, who has been an undocumented worker, who has seen what happens in sweatshops in india and greenhouses in colombia, fighting to dismantle capitalism and take down the exploitive conditions that come with it

bruce banner, who isn’t doing anything with the massive salary tony pays him for “R&D work” (actually just him and tony in the lab but, hey, tony likes giving people stuff even if they don’t particularly want or need it) so he spends it all on a fund for abused children and personally hires lawyers and therapists for them because maybe he can’t have kids of his own but he can make damn sure that no one goes through what he went through

bruce banner, who fights against climate change and fracking and tapping national parks for resources, and tony ends up making a whole campaign around it called “go green with hulk” which bruce gets very annoyed by but “it tested well with focus groups, jolly green” so it goes through anyway and becomes massively popular

bruce going a little green around the pupils if someone so much as breathes the word “autism” and “vaccine” in the same sentence (and more than a little green if they insinuate that having an autistic child is a bad thing)

bruce fighting for universal health care

bruce working to destigmatize mental illness

bruce hulking out on the set of fox & friends (which predictably becomes a meme)

bruce. fucking. banner.



when people forget that the incredible hulk is a movie that exists and is mcu canon:


when people forget or undervalue edward norton’s portrayal of bruce banner:


when people forget about betty ross and all of her infinite brilliance and perfection as a strong, confident, well-written female character:


when people say they don’t want another hulk movie:


when people say they only want another hulk movie if it’s based off of the planet hulk storyline:




Once upon a time, I rode in a van with Matt TalbotRich Woodall, and a handful of folks in the Jetpack Comics sphere. We journeyed together from the frozen wastes of New Hampshire to the warm, concrete jungle of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for WizardWorld East, and amused ourselves by writing a comic called “Dear Banner.” The premise is simple: Bruce Banner and the Hulk are basically odd-couple roommates, who share a body as well as a residence, and are forced to communicate via passive-aggressive roommate notes. I’ve turned our car-ride jokes into a thing. There is no reason for this to exist, and yet here it is.